After investigating SS2010 men's trends in fashion it's time to make a trend report on men's hair style. In order to spare yours and mine time I'm giving y'all keywords.

This time, there's no limits in length, nor texture - mid sized and straight, or long and messy-curly fringes are in favor this spring/summer. Personally I would go for Ceaser's cut, named after Roman Emperor Julius Ceaser.

In fact it is the same cut, but styled a bit differently. All you do is styling your fringe backwoods and a bit on a side and giving a bit of a volume. Result - George Clooney's style. More classical and proper for official occasions.

Now we have an insight into lengths, textures and shapes (everything will go, as long you have a longer cut on top and shorter cut on sides) but what about colors. Yes, as in fashion, there are color trends in hair styling. Although color changing is not that popular in men's fashion, this seasons we have two main colors:

Looks like the era of Versace's gigolos is back. The lighter - the better. Light colors works for short cuts - it shows the shape better, but before you're going to bleach out you hair you have to think of the following: Will it suit you? Will you hair survive it (if you have dark hair it will take at least 2 times of bleaching and 1 time for toning )? Is your hair stylist good enough - by blond hair every tiny hair cut's imperfection will be exposed dramatically. 

If blond color does not work for you, we have another option - red. But be careful it's not red like Charon Osborne has - it's less redish and otherwise knows as Ginger. Good all British Ginger color will be very trendy. Seriously, haven't you noticed that Ginger models invasion?

It's always good to change and French says - if you're in a bad mood, go to barbershop! I have already ginger hair for like 6 month, so this spring I'm going blond :D.


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