Evil mosquitoes

Here's boy live from the middle of nowhere, where surprising only carrier Bite works stable and signal strength is 4-5 bars! However, here we don't have any 3G, so uploading pictures is a pain in the ass, but video - oh youtube is such a trouble. Anyway I'll try other services, Vimeo or Twitvid.
Bauska's legs and leggings with perv-bears
Before telling you why I'm feeding mosquitoes with fašon urbanized blood, I want finally post something about last week, namely - Open Air Vintage Festival vol. 4 and Vita Radzaiņa at TINTO.
OAVF vol 4. was OK, I mean there was dead people's dress everywhere, but luckily that day wind was so strong that I actually din't feel any stench. This time it was a bit boring, despite the growing offer. AND that shopgirl-bitch from stylejoke, which made us delete a  picture of her stuff was just too much. Yet again, If you are participating at these kind of events, you expect to get some publicity. This time that girl got none or a bad one. 

However good stuff was from my favourite designer Alyona Bauska, who does genius designs and plays with gradients and colours as a master. Well done Alyona, bet next time I'd love to see more gradient leggings which will modify legs even more - this is something unique and this is Ms. Bauska's idea officially. So just try to steal and you will be trashed.
Lasma from SockBox
Ms Bauska and Boy in QooQoo leggings
QooQoo went further with design and now brand has accessories. Meet QooQoo wristwatches made by a Latvian girl from Toronto, Canada, Agnija:
 more info here: http://www.may28th.me/

An here are promised pics of Vita Radziņa's collection:
did you miss Girl and Boy?!

I have little time, so a taped a video for y'all, which I still cannot upload. Well, maybe tonight I will. What I'm doing now is very exciting...

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