PeRoNs. SoRtEd (corrections)

Ciao, y'all!
Oh it's been crazy - this week was so freaking busy. As you know we are not full-time-bloggers, we also have some jobs to do. So the end/beginning of the month is very stressful - reports, papers and documents - all that business stuff which brings you from fašon heaven down to earth. Oh well, now I'v got some spare time. Here is some pictures from annual Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA) fashion students' fashion show. There were plenty of them, we gonna show the one we like though. 
Ok, let's get sorted and click to enlarge.
Junior year studentSabīne Skarule with conceptual a la most-interesting-fashion-blogger-style collection staring, guess who, yay,  fashion journalist Agnese Kleina aka fashion blogger Agnesiga. According to her it was really hard task to model. Well, sure she did it right! By the way Ms Agnesiga is organizing 4th OAVF on 12th June, info here!

Arvils Linde also first year student did great YSLish collection. 

2nd year fashion design studen Sabīne Groza did also a great job, something what I would wear.

Marika Džule will become, I hope so, a successful men's wear designer one day! Wearable and yet with a twist!

Daiga Zvirgzdiņa's collection was my favourite - I love when there is a research behind a collection. The collection's title is Shanghai and literally you can see modern Shanghai, which is a harmonic fusion of traditions and modern trends. This is really couture-a-porter ^_^. Something for a brave woman with a strong personality. Well done Daiga!

Arita Varžinska senior year student with her collection took jury's (oh yeah, there were some jury which were picing the best collections) recognition and got an placement at German fasgion designer Annette Kölling's studio. Arita good luck with you internship!

I liked Artis Štamgūts's collection but as we didn't get any plate in a front/second row we had to stand in photographers' area with non photographer's camera with people commenting how shitty our camera is. Honestly, if we'd were sited, everyone would be happy. Sure will get a change to take ok pictures next time.

Oh. I have to go now. Oh BTW this week one great open air party is going to take place in the old town with super music and cool people. Finally! I know where and when. get back to us tomorrow for more info and some fun stuff.



  1. A little note - Open Air Vintage Fest Vol 4 takes place on June 12th, Saturday.

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