Sex and the City II

Hi, y'all!
Sex and the City is everywhere - as you remember last week there was a big fail (according to countless reviews and post in blogs) premier of the movie in Cinamon theater, Carrie Bradshaw look-alikes contest in Sky&MORE and other Sex and the City related crap. Personally, I was a fan of that sitcom, but last season was of it was all about product placement. If you are somehow familiar with Carrie Bradshaw, of course you went to the first premier of full-length film two years ago just to see how it ended with Mr. Big....it was a crap with fascinating styling and "undercover" product placement.
my favourite episode from South Park

Last week I still went to S&C II, eventhough SJP is a horrible person, both professionally and as a woman and regardless the acting quality of that 4 women, because I got a free ticket from someone and I needed a potion of Samantha Jones. In fact that it was the only reason why I went. Honestly I don't want to talk about the movie, let's talk about public of that film and it's reaction on it.

First remark: Cinema's foyer was literally stuffed with blond, heeled, make-uped and tipsy girls, who, obviously, were associating themselves with the movie's main character Carrie Bradshaw. I must say it was really pleasant to observe so many beauties. The question is: why the look this way only one in 2 years. That's more than strange to admire Carrie and look like a NYC junkie in everyday life and only dress up for premiers...

Second remark: This was first time ever I witnessed such a reaction on a movie. It all started with titles, when girls cried as sparklish glittering "Sarah Jessica Parker" name appeared on a screen. During 146 minutes of catwalk/product placement, cheesy jokes and botox smiles girl wowed, sighed and gave applauses every time Carrie appeared in a ridiculous hat or outfit.
Third remark: in our country there's no smanthas or mirandas according to what I saw in a theatre.

What are you impressions?

Yesterday I went to Sex and the City movie too. I don’t know why there is so much criticism about it? As I didn’t expect much then film didn’t disappoint me. It was entertaining even when missing sex and  THE city. Overall movie was a massive celebration of exaggeration (4 white Maybachs - yup, Designer gowns, haute couture, heels in the desert (dessert? ;) ) – yup, private jet – YES, changing outfits every 10 seconds - aha). And botox. And stereotypes. And p-p-p-p-roduct placement. I'm pretty sure that one of the trends will be that Carrie's four-leaf clover pendant necklace. And why don't paint walls blue as in Carrie's old appartment? Or name new-born girls as Roses or Lillies :D

I like that everything in the film was all about saying “F*** You, crisis, I just don’t care”. And I really DON’T!

p.s. I went to Bonēra cafe today and it is still lovely. Wonderful place for a nice coffee and cakes :) Thank you! ;)  



  1. Bonera cafe - the best place in Riga :) Thnx Maijuk!xxx

  2. Yup, it's 'desert', Girl! :)
    After reading this, I am even more excited to watch the movie. On my laptop.

  3. yeah, we're running short in Samantha's here, that's just sad :)))

    on the other hand, once in a while a movie that doesn't try to hide it's product placement, isn't such a bad thing. Power off the brain and enjoy the ride for few hours, escape the mundane days in lavish luxury crap. why not? of course it's a disaster if people walk out the theater and try to impersonate this lifestyle and clearly can't afford it, but there always will this kind.

    What do You like better -
    1) movie that doesn't hide the product placement,
    2) movie, that fails to hide it therefore makes a big mess
    3) subtle product placements

    (most movies can't get over 2 and mastering 3 is a tough one)

  4. First of all, thanks for your comments!

    Well, I'm not against product placement at all - because real-life products make movie characters more realistic.

    However, as Anonymous nr.2 (sorry to call you like that) said it's all about how naturally you can incorporate product in the scene. It depends if product is a detail of whole scene or if whole scene is made up for one product.


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