Sex and Riga

העלא, y'all! (hello in Yiddish)
OMG, fashion is everywhere! And sometimes where's fashion is involved, SEX might occur! This time in frames of Sex and the City II movie premier (which were actually two - one in Cinamon theatre, another - Parex Plaza, what is very strange) groups of 4 women dressed in dressed and heeled in heels where everywhere -, cinemas, on streets and in bars and especially in  shopping malls. Shopping mall Sky&More surprised us again - Carrie Bradshaw's look-alikes contest was something never-seen-before-in-the-city-where-young-and-handsome-guys-find-it-difficult-to-get-some-sex. I like Sex and the City and, but I hate Carrie Bradshaw's character and Sarah Jessica Parker herself. So after I met Открыто! magazine report crew, who told me that about the contest, I was a bit uncertain whether I will digest overdose of SJP look-alikes. Thanks God, our country hasn't got any of "transvestite donkey which" and women are more than pretty here. But I must say, that the winner of the contest was reminding SJP, but very improved version. 
meet local SJP (unfortunately I don't know that lady's name)
I met Gundega Skudriņa, who told me a very happy news. In Cēsis this July during Cēsis Mākslas Festivāls there will be some fashion related events. I'm soooo looking forward to it. I love Cesis and I love festivals. Well done, Gundega!!!
Is it SJP? No it is lovely Lady, who won the contest

This is Sex and the City limited edition collection by Halston Heritage
http://www.fabcloset.com/ available in THE O store. Prices around 100 EUR each piece.

Oh, I wanna sleep, but I need to make another post for another blog :D Cheers for me, tomorrow I'm gonna change my way of living! Hopefully it's gonna be a minor change.
P.S. Have you seen all that @BrandoDolles drama. Well I was flattered that he/she took an avatar suggested by me.

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