The Selby

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful day and will read this post only on Monday. But as I promised some posts ago to show you one really nice not-really-but-kinda-fashion-related present from my friend in London.

I think if you’re interested in fashion or in interior design and if your daily read includes blogs then you’ve probably heard name Todd Selby and have probably seen his blog http://www.theselby.com/

Well, if you hear Selby’s name first time then here’s a little explanation. I think unconsciously everybody is looking in the windows of other people’s apartments when walking down the street. No, I’m not talking about stalking here. Just noticing little things – like weird lamps or Christmas lightning on the balcony in the middle of the summer, scary dwarf or little pink fountain in the garden or that creepy duck figure on the sill. In my area between all the private houses there is this one building which walls are painted in neon colors. I’m always wondering who are those people living there :)))

So the Selby guy is the one who is shooting different people’s (mostly fashion, art, music related)  apartments, their little vases, cats & rats, tons of magazines, collections of stuffed animals (yiiiikes) and other details you haven’t even noticed in your own place. And now the best pictures have been collected in one book “The Selby in Your Place”.
I’m absolutely in love with this book, it’s one of the greatest coffee table books I’ve seen lately. So here are some inspirational/weird/funny/sooo normal pictures (click to enlarge):

 Did you know that daddy Karl Lagerfeld is such a book addict? He even owns the bookstore that is right next door?

And Karl uses make up applicators to create his illustrations :)

 Shoe guru's Christian Louboutin atelier

And other random shots from the book:

After all I believe my place (as well as all of yours) is full of weird/beautiful/old/new/permanent/temporally things. Like I got a tower of books I think I will read one day – like history and philosophy books from high school (I guess in that time I was too busy with other things) and some books in Dutch language from my studies in Belgium (like I understand a word in Dutch after all those years) :) Jewelry all over my computer table, perfume bottles on TV and other still life everywhere else. Actually my place is nothing special except those skeletons in the closet :D



  1. totally adore this project. best time to get lost in time is to spend it on their web. Btw, they have a book!

  2. yup I do have a book and it's AWESOME

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