PERONS aka Platform

Foot massage is all I can think after 4h standing and watching LMA fashion show. Eh. I know that people probably expect me to write something about the collections and other not-really-blahblahbla but I just don’t know what to say and I can’t really remember which collections I liked and which not so much. Boy has all the pictures so I will say my overall opinion. As always some 3-5 collections were great and progressive, other not at all. I liked collection by Artis Štamgūts, light, wearable and yammy :D. I also liked the men collection with star-printed leggings/shorts and hoodies and I already imagine Boy wearing something like that, sorry but I don’t remember author though. And 2 women collections where nice too but I have a mega blackout so will write about those tomorrow.

After all I spotted 3 LMA fashion trends which I tried to illustrate in the picture bellow. Before that, hear my confession. I think I’ve already mentioned that I can’t sing at all. But that’s not my only imperfection - I can’t draw either.  I just hate all the process. I need a quick result and NOW. Not going to erase a thing or shadow something else Yaaaak        

But as I don’t have pictures, here are the trends which happen in LMA shows year after year (no I’m not THAT old but still…)  

1)      Folded everything – jackets, skirts, trousers, coats. I just like it simple and it’s waste of clothes anyways.
2)      Masks/Hoods – Kenny from Southpark might like all of those things. But don’t hide pretty models’ faces
3)      Shoulders – this was the trend of the year. Spiky, slouchy, architectural – name it, everything was there. Sadly this trend is already a bit out of fashion scene but I kinda liked all those interpretations.

And now enjoy my pretty drawing and feel free to criticize my creation or even better give me some private lesson how to draw. 


Wow, I'm impressed, Girl! (and I totally love your drawing) And yes, you are right! I have all the picture, 514 pieces, to be precise! Of course they have to be edited but I cannot do it now, as my sight is so blurry no. 
Here is just one fun picture from today's event. Tomorrow I'm gonna update this post enhancing Girls comment with picture and updating names. 
Agnesiga, Anni and VikaJe aka Stiliste. 
Good night y'all!


  1. Manuprāt, lielai daļai kolekciju kopīgs bija arī tas, ka bikšu priegriezums bija kkāds oldskūlais, kas slaidu meiteņu pēcpuses padara milzīgas!

  2. jā, starp citu es to arī ievēroju, bet nu manas zīmēšanas prasmes šo trendu nemācēja attēlot :D


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