Guten Abend, y'all

Wow what an intense weekend we had! It feels like summer has finally come and people are more happy about it than usual. Apparently last winter lasted to long. If you live in Riga, you must noticed that if there is a store opening it's either a pastry or vine store. From time to time it could be something merged. Pity this week is all cold and cloudy...

Last Friday's lunch Girl and Boy went to Tinto Vina Telpas (Vine Space) - it is a new...restaurant/cafe/bar.
Ambiance of that place was pleasant, however I had a feeling that there's something unfinished. While we were waiting for our order, we looked trough i-D summer issue which I bought early in the morning. The issue is uberinformative and exciting, which is odd for summer issues. Even i-D can print some crap in summer! In this issue you can learn more about our favourite band SSION! Finally someone has recognised it, read an interview with Rick Owens and get inspired to be more sporty. This issue is nothing but sports with corresponding photo sessions and star advices. Also I found it funny how editors were obsessed with  Lady Gaga and Byonce dialogues.

Service at Tinto was remarkably good and food delicious. I had tapas, omelette and bruschetta with a glass of prosecco, which followed by homemade ice cream selection. Girl had just same ice cream and coffee. Everything only for 11.50 LVL! This place is totally worth visiting more than once. Plus they have a wifi connection which makes Tinto perfect for biz lunches!

I wish we had more free time for blogging. But stay tuned, there will be some EXTRAS already next week! 
y'all know how much we adore Lady Gaga. This is one pure fashion related music video on Lady Gaga's Alejandro by Steven Klein. ENJOY!


  1. what a dissapointment, I don't like this video :( Only cool dancers :)

    you should have more of Girl in your blog! :)

  2. Pēc tik daudzām valodām, kurās sveicinaties, nevaru sagaidīt hieroglifus, you knooow :)))))

  3. girl,I dont understand how can you write a blog about fashion if you're so bad at clothing

  4. Well maybe Gilr shall try some mushrooms or teapot as a hair piece and than she will get better...

  5. auch, Dear Anonymous, - I don't know I just CAN! And I'm not sure how and if my looks impact my writing. Aaaand even totally unfashionable people might have an opinion about fashion :D

    However I hope your eyes didn't suffer from my fashion crimes and you're not blind now. BTW Next time you see me just come over and say your lovely comments right to me or even better take me shopping. Don't be shy and don't hide your face/name.


  6. ahaa es atkal gribeeju pateikt ka labi izskataas shii girl, jo lai cik interesanti un aizraujoshi jo savaadaak jo labaak, bet beigaas vairumam sanaak diezgan vienaadi... mode ir iegaajusies ...arvien vairaak un vairaak karojas peec vienkaarshaam dreebeem un peec sajuutaam, ka no riita kaads ir pamodies un apgjerbies, nevis ir domaats piedomaats lai beigaas shkjiet ka viss ir nejaushi un gaume ir vienkaarshi izcila...eh...kas sapratiis sapratiis par ko domaaju- vaardsakot smuki, gribeetos redzeet ko vairaak...tnx