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Cześć, y'all!
I'm still recovering from intense weekend - a blast and refined post about it is  here. Today is Monday, so actually I have noting fashion elated to post about, however if you are interested in modelling, or becoming a model for a day, or you have a friend, who is modellish looking, you have a chance to fulfil your dream. Latvian Academy of Arts will have it's annual students' fashion show in early June. Of course they need some models, so come tomorrow to Shopping Mall Domina after 17:00, meeting point - information desk and maybe you'll be selected as a model. Good luck!
I said no fashion related things?! I did indeed, but there are always some style related thingies, remember?! Right my great friends from record lable Amber Muse Bogdan Taran and Max Lomov have something great to share with!  Craft B. (three Latvian lads who produce music) returns with a song just in time for Spring and Summer seasons. Guys joined forces with Veronique, who's vocal/lyrical skills were honed with Detroit House Music legends Aaron-Carl (Wallshaker Music), Derwin Hall (UR) and Delano Smith (Mix Mode Recordings). 

You know, personally I prefer Romania trashy pop, but this track is good and I really do like what Amber Muse does. I had a bit "down" mood lately but this track Climbing cheered my up. Thanx guys! BTW this Friday Amber Muse has it's another Gathering, this time is a fancy-shmancy club FIRST DACHA. We have 10 invitation to that mega party, which is really worth attending. So everyone who'll like our FaceBool page this week will participate in a lottery. !0 lucky winners will get one invitation for 2! Just seach our page on FB Stuff'n'Style and like it!
There's nothing else I can say. See you tomorrow. Oh yeah, if you really like our blog, please follow us on twitter
P.S. keep on climbing!

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