Fašon is Pašon (Fashion is Passion)

Tervist, y’all!
Can you imagine that it is the second Thursday in a row when some kind of a fashion event is happening (!) and wow, what a coincidence, I a shopping mall!!! At first I was thinking that is a quick response to Sky&More fašon even with fierce DJ Ella, but no, silly Boy totally forgot about Fashion Is Passion contest, about which I actually have a post -> here! And same people are involved into organization. So no shopping mall mega collisions yet, just alliances.
I don’t know how, but all that Fashion Is Passion contest New Cut semi finals, photo shootings and voting stayed unnoticed by me. Shall I blame myself for being lazy, or is it has something to do with certain PR agencies? (Dears, you have my e-mail). So I assume, that some of our followers were not aware of the contest, (as Boy has no fraking WiFi router at his parents place, now he takes his laptop walks up stair have a little fight with his sister over an Internet cable, Boy wins and has an access to the web), here’s an extract: “Basic idea: changing and combining of damaged and unsold goods from well-known brands, creating a casual, innovative and environmentally friendly and, of course, fashionable collection. Participants: young fashion designers and stylists from Latvia.Prize: 1000 EUR award.” 
I don’t know how, but 6 finalist were selected to create a collection using unsold crap from different shops of Domina.
Anyway I arrived to Domina just in time, as I entered the main hall Alisa Orlova waved to me, and I sat next to her. She gave me a copy of magazine ZZL from the future (it will be available in stores from tomorrow), then Agnese Kleina joined our fashion duo. 

And we watched 6 catwalks…

Collection by Liene Dejus

Collection by Ineta Urtāne

Collection by Ignats Vaitis

Collection by Līva Kauķe-Saule. Nobody liked it, but I'm certain it was the best!

Collection by Zane Poriete

Collection by Iveta Vilne

Whoa, uploading and inserting pictures takes more time than writing a text. Alright, I liked a collection by Ignats Vaitis, because it  obviously speaks to and about me :P. My second favourite is Līva Kauķe-Saule's creation, just like it! And of course the winner - Ineta Urtāne was good too. 
Just a tiny remark - certainly it is a good cause to make fashion more green/eco-friendly/sustainable, but does it necessary mean to take an old crap and reshape it, despite the best outcome. Why not to put old crap to a machine, which will make a new piece of textile?! Or go a Benetton way. They are recolouring unsold pullovers, tees and other knitted garments into another colour which will be trendy and sell it next season - that's why they are called United Colours of Benetton.
Anyway I'm very glad that something is happening in our tiny country and there are people who are interested in promoting young talents. I doe really hope, that these names above will be mentioned not only in our blog, but soon in local media and a bit later they`ll become recognized globally! 

Agnese Kleina, Gundega Skudriņa and Ance Krieviņa brought some spring vibes here!
Anii looks terrific. I mean it!

Oh yeah, Ms Urtāne the winner

Funny, now I'm home. Usually after a show I'm going out. What's wrong with me - is it because I'm broke, or just because I'm getting older?! Whatever. Let`s see what next week will bring to us. 


  1. you forgot to mention, that actually you can buy all this staff at fashion market that is taking place in domina from today till sunday.

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