Sveiki, y'all!
Dear followers, you still have a great opportunity to get invitation for two to Amber Muse Gathering which will take place tonight. This gonna be a great party and in a great place. Just join our page on Facebook and will pick up 10 lucky winners randomly at 16:30 GMT+2!. Just search for Stuff’n’Style in FaceBook “like” our page and you’ll automatically enter the lottery.

Here is a video of the day which inspired us a lot!

Now fun part - Everyone knows about virtual fitting room, where you create an avatar with you measurements. For me it works, when I already am familiar with a certain brand and their sizeings. Swiss watch company Tissot went further, now you can try one any of Tissot watches at home in 3D. All you need is to log on to http://www.tissot.ch/reality/ and follow the instruction. It's easy print out paper wristwatches, download the software and try'em on! I don't know why, but this software was glitching all the time. I'd really appreciate if you'll send me pics of yourself with 3D watches on your wrist.
Just a tiny remark for y'all - I guess we were accused in boringness of our posts and blog in general - that we write some unrelated stuff which even scare away our followers...What do you think, is it true?! From now on we are going to name the names and there won't be any mercy. So Agnese Kleina, was that sentence referring to us?: - "Es nekad nenolaistos tik zemi, ka savā blogā tiešā tekstā apvainotu citus vietējos blogerus. Tik tukši, nekonstruktīvi teksti nevienam nedara labu, savukārt lasītājus tikai atbaida (ne viņi zina, par ko ir stāsts, ne arī vieņiem interesanti ko tādu lasīt)" //translation for our international followers: "I'll never abase myself to offend directly local bloggers in my blog. Such empty and nonconstructive textes won't do any better to anyone, hence it only scares readers away (they are nit aware of the subject and are not interested in reading it)". I'v been too loyal and too friendly lately - so next time when anyone will share his opinion with me, you'd better think about it twice, coz it might get published here. It's not treating. I just hate hypocrisy and I'm gonna denounce hypocrites, plus as I'm not a journalist with moral, professional and ethical obligations, so I'm allowed to write my opinion only, even baseless. However I'm not going do that! And I don't need to be friends with hypocrites and lick the place to be licked.
The only thing I care about is having a good time (sharing some good ideas with followers), and to spread the word of Fashion informing the World about Latvian designers. We are sticking to the original mission and only try to accuse us in inconsistency - we are Stuff and Style!   

And a tiny question - how do you get to know differences between male bloggers and female bloggers when interviewing only females. Huh? Really? Who cares?



  1. Дерзко однако, это ШКАНДАЛС :D Однако новые брови Дениса мне импонируют.

  2. Tu tak ar šo postu arī pierādīji, ka "apdirs" citus. Pietam vēl tās bildes ar tiem žurnāliem, nu fuj. Kurš tad te tagad ir hypocrite?

  3. Hypocrite = liekulis, ja kas. Kur es apdirsu? Ludzu faktus un citates. Zel ka vieteja publika var komentet neatklajat savu vardu...es pat varu pienemt kas Tu esi

  4. Pieņem, ko gribi. FYI - reitūzenes džekiem ir galīgi garām, lai arī cik liels eksperts tu būtu. Tas tā, no malas novērojums.

    p.s. zila.migla@one.lv ja tev neder anonīmi komentāri.

  5. haha, cik smieklīgs posts :D tās bildes nogalina. + par humora izjūtu. Biki skarbi jau ir, bet...

    man reāli patīk, ka augstprātīgajā LV modes zupas šķīvī kāds atklāti pieber drusku pipariņus. Visiem draugs nebūsi un par to nav jākaunas, un jāklusē :))) un šitādā veidā jūs tikai vēl vairāk ievēros :D

    btw kaut kur redzēju, ka leggingi džekiem tagad esot modē :))


  6. @Kate - at your service! Man tiesam ir pieks zinat, ka musu lasitaji atbalst mums! Domaju ka ari turpmak garsvielu netrukstis.
    @ Zila.migla@one.lv FYI - te ir SS10 viriesu modes trendi - http://stuff-n-style.blogspot.com/2010/01/mens-trends-spring-summer-2010.html
    Man ir tiesam prieks, ka malas verotaji ari komete beidzot. Bet diemzel seit it tikai personiska atieksme pre mani, nevis kometars par raksta saturu.
    P.S. epasts ir fake

  7. Visu cieņu par uzdrīkstēšanos! :)
    (Pieņemsim, ka šeit seko 17 'dažādas' bildes ar mani 'dažādās' pozās.)

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