Hey guys,
We’re just back from Markus Riva’s single ”Love to You” video presentation which took place at mini restaurant Domini Canes. The place itself was really nice and cozy and I think perfect for such an event.

Public had different reaction on the presented video
So today was the day when long awaited “Love to You” video saw the daylight and… it was good. I like it. Video didn’t have that “made in Latvia” feeling (and that’s good) and it made me wonder – what’s the story behind the song. But I think that the main thing after all is – not the real story but the way you interpret it, how the video makes you feel. And that’s what matters. How you connect the things you see with your own experience. 

Hell yeah, you hear/see it first here. I know, that sometimes it's a bit annoying to try to be the first one to post something about an event, but still I like that chase feeling! I really liked that video by Markus Riva, the picture looked really great. However the video with Markus Riva and Anna Rozite directed by Denis Moshkanov plot was a bit unclear to me and I WAS SOBER!!!! Well I'll check that video tomorrow on www.platformamusic.lv when it will be available.
Lovely Markus himself 
Anna Rozīte and her fiend
BTW Our tiny fun quiz is still on and it closes this midnight. The winner will get a bottle of champ Info -> here


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