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Zdravo, y'all!
It's not a secret that both Girl and Boy are working in the same company. We  moved to a new office recently which is located just right - Brīvības and Dzirnavu corner. Today is a very sunny day and looks like that  a long awaited by some fashion bloggers T-Storm is delayed. Just in case I suggest to use FORECA weather forecast, they are more accurate. So I took my laptop and now I'm sitting on a sill and working (now I have a break, so I can write this post). This street corner is amazing, minimum once a week I see a celebrity passing this corner. Few weeks ago it was Markus Riva, Artis Štamgūts (happy birthday, by the way) lately and today already-institutionalize-fashion-blogger Agnesiga aka Agnese Kleina. 
art (māksla) and shopping - sounds scary and impossible in GC
Agnesiga sent me back to work after she bough a fresh copy of Pastaiga. Honey, I'm multitasking, you should know that!
Now fashion news:
June 1st Latvian Academy of Arts is going to give us it's already second fashion students' show. This year's venue is The Latvian Railways History Museum and apparently that's why this event has title Platform (Perons)... Managing staff took care of people who has interest in fashion too, but has no access - now you can get tickets to that event's dress rehearsal here - http://www.bilesuserviss.lv/lat/concerts/teatris-maksla/cits/?concert=67231. Prices are fair 3 and 5 LVL. Not promising you anything but some of you might get there with us too. Just follow the blog. I'm soooo looking forward to that catwalk. Hopefully this year I'm going actually to see something, as last year the only available place was near a bar...   

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