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Alright,  it is official now  - I am an Internet addict. Instead of simply enjoying myself in a garden  and playing with dogs I`m now writing this post . Imagine me in a hammock with my laptop. and yes I'm using my neighbour's wifi connection (whoops)  I had kind of crazy weekend  starting on Friday eving at a birthday party, following with QooQoo champagne breakfast  (?) and ending somewhere near harbor.  No panic – I'm safe and alive. Check us this evening for a QooQoo champagne and latex QooQoo Bird post.
But for now small press monitoring.
According to ЖЗЛ magazine Boy is a fashionable informer

Meanwhile magazine ОТКРЫТО! nicknamed us as the most fashionable blog from Latvia. Thank you - it's very flattering 
P.S I wonder what Girl is doing right now?
P.P.S Oh this weekend was so intense that I even forgot where was I. Fortunately fashion bloggers tend to attend same events. Agnesiga`s latest post reminded me, that last Friday I popped in to a new bar TAKA. http://pataku.wordpress.com/ . Well I don't like that kind of a bar's concept, but I'm pretty sure, that TAKA will be popular among certain type of people, like SPACE::GARAGE public.   
Yeah, it's Pikachu in a GameBoy

Photographer Inga Kundziņa and fashion blogger Agnese Kleina aka Agnesiga


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