QooQoo champagne breakfast

Hej, y`all!
As promised some pictures from that fun and blurry (for me) QooQoo new leggings  and famous QooQoo Bird (now latex version) and QooQoo Bear presentation. BTW that QooQoo toys are made by lovely and super friendly ginger head designer Santa Liepa  http://www.dollart.lv/ . Oh that event was crAzy. Here are pictures, which speak for them self. I was hoping, that this week won't be filled with any events/parties/commotions/presentation, but NO, someone want me to become crazy alcohol and Red Bull addict! We have some news to share with you, but this is for later.
-BOY (sober and sane)
Alyona Bausa and her new creations

Latex and Cotton QooQoo Birds and Bears
Boy (without a glass !!!) and Santa Liepa
Girl (with a glass!!) Alyona Bauska and a happy client
More QooQoo stuff
P.S. More pictures can be found here: http://blog.qooqoo.lv/

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