Hiip Hip Hurray to Agnese Narņicka

We are sooooo happy to announce that Agnese Narņicka has won "Baltic Fashion Award 2010" and her men's collection has got Grand Prix - 7500Eur. The event took place in Usedom (Germany) and collections were divided in 3 categories -   Pret-a-Porter (Men), Pret-a-Porter (Men), and Innovative design collections. Duo from Germany Astrid Grosser & Gerti Heinrich got the prize in category Pret-a-Porter (Women) and Sandra Straukaite (Lithuania) in Innovative Design. 

Interesting that inspiration for Agnese's collection comes from homeless and lazy people. And that's why collection has lot of different prints and layers, and unique accessories - one of a kind hats, Mickey Mouse on shoes etc. 

After winning the contest Agnese says that she feels inspired and motivated to keep developing her brand and creating next collection.
Congratulations again and good luck!


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