Bologger of the Forest

Hallå, y'all!
Here's Boy blogging...from the suburbia of Riga. Alrighty, the end of May is poor on fashion and fašon, but it's just about to change - PERONS (LMA Students' fashion show) is just around the corner on 1st June. Yay! So, as usual Stuff'n'Style took care of y'all - we have two (for one person only) invitation to PERONS fashion show. It was really hard to get it, so please do appreciate it! To enter a contest please answer the following question by commenting on our FB (seacrh us) page, Twitter (adding #snsperons) or here below: What is the best fashion blog in Latvia?

Girl is now in the air flying back from London to Riga, she might bring some news or stories to tell! Now It's time for boasting - finally I got the latest BalckBerry Bold 9700 is so cool, that I cannot even describe how cool it is. I guess I have to devote a whole post for it. In few words: it put all chats, sms, emails, social networks, twitters etc together in one place in one feed. So from now on I'm gonna post like crazy - this is a reason to follow us on twitter ^_^ have you seen Japanese invasion to Riga,NO?! click here

Ok, now it's time for second semi-final of EUROVISION. Who's your favourite?! Mine is definitely that lop-eared Swiss.
P.S. Gå Sverige 


  1. That hammock cost $10,000, burrrr...

  2. you look great! ;)

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