HAHAHAHAH Good morning, our dear followers!
Let`s go chronologically according to me. After finishing our working day, which actually was very stressful, I went online to Facebook and checked an absolutely fabulous application Patsy Stone says  and there was a quote: "What`s life without glamour?". Indeed! So Girl and I went downstairs to get a bottle of prosecco and black currant juice and make a marvellous drink Kir Royal (usually you mix champagne and creme de cassi, but whatever we are on a budget). SO! We were enjoying ourself and rackboarding awaiting our friends. When friends came we finished second bottle and left. 
After Kir Royal we are Super Girl and Super Boy
Honestly we got a bit carried, or better to say, Kired away with champ and arrived a bit late -just before first intermission. Damien Carlier took a good care of us (thank you Damien, and we promisse we`ll be more active today and use that great opportunity to visit backstage) and introduced us to Italian designer Andrea Cammarosano. He's based in Belgium and that`s obvious. remember Girl was wondering, if that golden leggings with sequin will fit me? Actually Mr. Cammarasano told us that it`s tight pants, not leggings. According to him leggings has to stretch. Anyway Mr. Cammarasano was super sweet and told us a story behind, that stands behind his collection, which was very interesting and and had something to do with military stuff, depriving of individuality.
 Damien Carlier. BlackBerry is definitely a biz/fashion phone

Andrea Cammarasan. Fashion has to have a statement. Even that obvious.

After nice chat we went to Latvian designer Ludmila Kruglika show. Girl and I strongly believe that any collection, regardless - commercial or alternative, has to have a tale (story). Certainly Ludmila Kruglika did her best telling a story, but it wasn't clear to us. But she`s young, and there`s nothing wrong with learning-by-doing. BTW, we still cannot understand why we hear one opinion, but next day read totally different?!  Next time by mingling tell us what you actually think, or keep quite. Otherwise we'll have a ground to suspect you in hypocrisy.
 Next collection was a famazing hit. Girl didn't like it, but me, this collection made my day. I mean, it's all about leggings - legging all over the place and this collection had a story, which I had no problem reading it. This collection was so sarcastic, with hidden jokes, and fake serious. And I was right - at afterparty at  shop/bar Perle i had a chance to talk with Dovilė Kaušakytė and Eglė Mazecaitė, young and very perspective designer duo from Lithuanian, who won grand prix at fashion contest Mados Infekcija. I liked the whole attitudes, girls might be young, but they are already professionals, who are moving forward. They dropped Academy of Arts , because they weren't satisfied with the quality of education over there. They did a research for that collection - and actually this hats have nothing to do with Balkans and Turkey - they are originating from Palanga region, which was under Germans for a long time (actually this hats somehow have immigrated from Germany). Also this designer duo refers to bridal traditions and wedding ceremonies of Lithuania. Actually they protest against it and it`s symbols, for example garland symbolize bride's virginity - but nowadays rarely one gets married being virgin. Girls also said that they are going to sell that collection, so keep following us and you`ll know first where and how much. Collection is absolutely wearable - they prove that alternative could be also useful.

Last collection by Paviljons with a title "Who the fuck is Alice?" was....WTF is it in general? And don`t understand this fuss about Alice in the Wonderland , mushrooms, magic and bunny rabbits. Why it has to be everywhere. And speaking of alternative.... Alice is no SO MAINSTREAM. Get real and switch to, say, Romanian  epic literature. 
 Also we were introduced to other designers who'll have shows today and tomorrow. More about them you will learn in our nest post. 
 Designers who will have shows today and tomorrow
Keeping it up chronologically I have to add, that after the show Alyona Bausaka gave us a lift (thank you), Girl went home by taxi, where she managed to lose her phone (no panic, her everlasting Nokia, not BlackBerry), Alyona and I poped in at Perle for an afterparty and I continued to have fun in order to forget about my drama. What a day was it... what is expecting us tonight?
 Ms. Bauska
P.S. Fun stuff from ЖЗЛ magazine. Alisa Orlova, you really did a half of this issue - we like it! Alisa that girl with mushrooms is also a fashion blogger Agnese Kleina aka Agnesiga



  1. Domāju, nav vērts pukoties par Alises tematikas izvēli. Tikpat labi jau tad vajadzētu īdēt, ka atkal tiek rādīti legingi, zeķubikses lai kā arī tos dēvētu.
    Vilnis, kas uznāk un norimst, lai pēcāk nāktu nākamais!

  2. This one is perfect: Girl and I strongly believe that any collection, regardless - commercial or alternative, has to have a tale (story).
    Thats what is missing in Latvian fashion d sooooooooo often...
    btw greetings from Shanghai hahaha

  3. @Anni
    Es rakstu to, ko es domaju. Tas Alises bums sakas ar to loti komercialo filmu, un kas tas par alternativu, kura nem idejas no komercialas pasaules?

    @Ladiga Greeting from sunny/cloudy Riga. Thank you for commenting. Good luck far there in Shanghai!

  4. Piekrītu, ka Alises jau ir daudz par daudz. Bet iedvesma var būt no ittin jebkā, te nodalīšana no kā drīksti iedvesmoties ir absurda.heh. Tās jau nav divas galaktikas, tiem tikai atšķiras izpausmes formas.

  5. Anii, protams. Un neesmu debils un Tev ir taisniba. Tacu ta, ka tas viss tiek pozicionets ala "mes esam par maklsu, mes esam neatkarigie" Es runaju par liekulibu, kas tracina. Mums ta visa maksla ir pretenzija

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