we are not dead

Hello, y'all!
I know it's been quite a while since our last post. Some of our followers were even concerned about our existence, but dears, no worries - we are alive and we`v got something to share with you.
I'll go chronologically as usual. So this Friday the City of Riga was blessed with another sushi  bar Tokyo City. Due to this mega occasion restaurant thrown an grand opening party on Friday's evening. Before that we were  glamming up a bit, unfortunately Girl couldn't come. We arrived after midnight when all free sushi were already eaten, but people were already drunk. Oh yeah, this party was hosted by Eva Adams, who`s Russian is surprisingly perfect. Whatever, actually it`s not even worth mentioning, just a small fact - prices were really friendly. After that sushi extravaganza boys and I went to another club...
 Friends of Boy, glamming up. (Why every bloody picture of me is alcohol related???)
 Harajuku Girl. Pictures via www.diena.lv
Next Day
After quick detox and making our self pretty, Girl, me and some good-old-friends of us met in K.I.D bar, before going to Carrera Generation.  (By the way, can we get some discount cards , please?!) So we had a chat, remembering last night (which was full of surprises and some minor drama) and awkward Gaga-telefonish-fašon-photo-session starring Girl.
 Our fiend V, enjoying banana-chocolate-espresso shake
  it seams, that our telephone drama will never end
Girl was all sceptical about the Carrera event, but I had a tiny hope that "the most stylish party in Riga" (according to news) will be such. OMG that was the most boring party of the month... I mean pleas, all that people, who are totally Carrera unrelated, delaying of a catwalk (5 models presented some sunnies and finery from concept store THE O) and mini performance by Markus Riva and Candy (which I actually enjoyed, but we wanted to look/hear more) was certainly not stylish at all. An they even forgot to mention that Lady Gaga is also wearing Carrera... I don't want to trash this party, especially,that this even has been organized by our competitors, but last year event (even cooperation with BikBok and Euroskor wasn't that horrible) in Studio 69 was better. May we shall blame just economical crisis...
Girl and Boy are very "excited". Who are these girls..?
 Mainots Vecvagars &co waiting for the show
Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane popped in to say hi
Fashion blogger Inga Jansone didn't expect much from this party neither
Our friend N and Girl are watching the show
Snap-snap-snap fašon show is over
Candy singing Rīts it tālu vēl (Morning is still far) and she was right. Candy, I can be your stylist for a small fee!!!
 Markus Riva - you can look but you can't touch
And finally some press stuff. In Pastaiga May (Karlīna Caune on the cover) issue you can find not only a picture of me (!), where I look like a piece of crap, but an extended interview with KatyaKatya Shehurina by Inita Saulīte-Zandere, and one spread about RFW (well done guys, this time you were really quick with that material).
 Anna Rozīte, Markus Riva, Katya Shehurina and Boy (with a crappy facial expression)
Have a nice Sunday!
P.S. Tomorrow I'm getting back my laptop from service - so no excuses with post delaying!

Wow, it's been a while since my last post but... But you know what? I didn't really have that much to say  because generally I want to mean what I say but I don't want to say it mean... so at that point silence is my statement.

Carrera Generation wasn't party of the month for sure. And I'm not blaming Carrera sunglasses here. I just didn't get what was the target group of the party? Were they potential Carrera's fans/customers? I don't think so... Btw who were those weird half-moustached girls and why they were there? Interpretation of unisex? Scarrrrry... The fashion show itself was ok but c'mon waaaaaay too short as well as performances by Candy and Markus Riva. I just wanted something more to warm up, you know... But party ended before it actually started. However I'm not really sad about that because it was a good reason to go home and get appropriate sleep... :)   

Have a lovely end of weekend :))



  1. A late post is better than no post :]

    And... I just have to say that I totally love what your wearing :D

  2. I could be Candy's stilist absofuckinglutely for free, just not to see her looking like this anymore. She exceeds my expectations every time I see her :D

  3. Oh V.Passion we can team up and style up half of our celebs. I like Candy and i just cant take her song of my head,but this style,how Girl and I call it, beiba has to go!-BOY

  4. Mr/Ms Anonymous thank you! Its quite challenging to dress up for that kind of events...my suitedrobe is almost empty and i need a shopping.:D regarding posts-we have some crazy famazing ideas...and my laptop shall be ready tomorrow,so we'll keep you posted! Oh and i need a normal phone!this hello moto is hell! -BOY