The [MOMENT] has come

We haven't fully recovered from RFW week and fatal Green Night (thank you guys for pictures), which was famazing and, surely, unforgettable, and here we go again - [MOMENT] art and fashion week is here. It will last 4 days, from 7th till 10th April. Let us remind, that [MOMENT] week is not just about fashion, but also art and music.
 Anna Rozīte and Markus Riva
above mega company Girl, Boy, Rudolph S and Yvette MGB
Ladies and Gents, let us introduce the  [MOMENT] calendar, with our comment of course (we`ll put a star * for what we wanna see). 
Day One: 

Opening event
starts at 19:00, doors open 18:30
(invitations & all days tickets) Comment: wanna get an invitation - hurry up and click here
Fashion as Art 
Andrea Cammarosano [it] - Shall be interesting - an Italian, who has graduated Antwerp Royal Academy.* 
Jarno Kettunen [fi] - Finnish illustrator from Antwerp, who has taken part in Dior Homme and KVA*. 
Keta Gutmane and Flera [lv] - Latvian!!! Long time- no see. Let`s see, what we`ll see! *
Jocelyn Teng [ca] - Canadian artist, who was born in Taipei and raised in artistic and creative family. 
Oskars Ludvigs [lv] - Latvian irrational life enjoyer, who is also a photographer.
Gatis Rozenfelds [lv] - haven`t seen his exhibit for a last 4 years. Looking forward.
Nils Vilnis [lv] - Well known Latvian photographer. 
Ansis Starks [lv] - a photographer from Latvia
MAMMU [lv] - good cause...

The wave of 90ties - guide through the Latvian fashion history of the last ten years.*** MUST SEE (Diana Melin for you!) This is an exposition, which will be available all 4 days.
Ingrīda Drāzniece [lv]
Elita Platmalniece [lv] - creative expression
Bruno Birmanis [lv] - Shall be very interesting
Žanete Auziņa [lv] -
Natālija Jansone [lv] - <3 her
Sandra Straukaitė [lt] fashion artist and Lithuanian style and fashion festival „Mados Infekcija” founder
Zita Gustiene [lt]
Ivo Nikkolo [ee] who has now a proper pret-a-porter collections and store chain
Anu Samarüütel-Long [ee]
Musical appearance - let`s groove alternatively, who need Brit anyways?!
SWH Future inc.
with [MOMENT].
Follow us for Twitpics, report and calendar update tonight
- Girl and -Boy
Some more pictures from fatal Green Night
 Our friend Rudolph S
Tatiana Balvas, RFW
Līga Ozola from TV program Krējums...Saldais.
She promised to pose for us, but run away...not sweet

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