Habitus Baltija 2010 winners

As we actually were running really late and the whole commotion (Habitus Baltija) was really slow, we never got a chance to learn, who took what. Crazy Girl and Boy took a taxi "Lady Taxi", which costed us 4 LVL. 4 LVL from shopping mall Olympian to Andrej Osta. Hello?! Whatever...
During the first intermission I talked to Dace Vaivara, who was on Habitus` jury board and she said, that grand prix took Inga Tauriņa - 1000eur and participation in contest for new designers “Russkij Siluet” (which is very cool). Other winners - I don't know and can't find anywhere yet...
Pic via http://www.stara.fi/. Sorry we din`t take any pictures of that collection. Oops

Habitus Baltija - is a contest for young designers, which has became a traditional event in the Baltic States. and is aimed to support new talents and develop local fashion. Usually among contestants are either fashion related students or people that just have graduated. Presented collection has to have 5-10 looks, which emplanes, why this contest is beloved by students. I have to mention that this is initiative of Baltic`s schools/academies of Art . If you are interested in participating next year, here you can find some information. 
Right, well...it is very good that someone is actually caring fro young talents and gives them a great opportunity to present them self along with gaining a great practical experience. This was one great event for students. Ok, ok, I know that models were not good enough, make-up was also average-ish, not talking about organization (Project manager asked to provide a feedback regarding that event. Well next time please think of timing and scenario. And please no long speeches) I had a luck to participate in the similar kind of a contest. I don`t even remember how was I called, but it also had something to do with young designers/talents. The whole thing was held in Poland, in a city called Sieradz (really in the middle of nowhere). I was 18 and it was my first trip abroad on my own ever. Oh I`v forgot to mention, that It was an international contest. So as I got my precious ass there safely (luckily), I found out that I was the only international participant - organization was the shittiest shit and among 50 participant`s only one spoke English , and another one German...Well this is a completely another story and I have to look up my archives for photos (if you are interested in t - post a comment below, please).
Back to Habitus - it has 3 categories: industrial pret-a-porter; artistic pret-a-porter; and avant-garde fashion.
Industrial part was more or less ok, and please remember they are students. Artistic, hahah, pret-a-porter, was very artistic. However there were few collections which very actually very "industrial". Entries fro Russia were an etno disaster. I have a BBF, who`s just about to graduate fashion studies at Moscow State University. During her studies there, she has developed a term Design of Russia - it`s a mix of horrible colours and national costumes.There were few collections in such a style...
example of Design of Russia. This is less painful example.

 Now pleasant part - collections which we liked! Enjoy!
Collection that I liked. A la Prada by Estonian designer Peter Rasta
 Ioanna Yahovich, Polish designer presenting her collection Caramel and Pepper
For all those who haven`t seen Artis Štamgūts` collection
 Marta Cudnik, Poland
 Ozge Gunak, Turkey


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