[MOMENT] Day One

Our [MOMENT] week started with a lecture by Bruno Birmanis about a beginning of independent and out of sovjiet control  Latvian fashion in the 90`s. It was more than educating and inspiring - Mr. Birmanis gave us a quick tour on a history of first ever fashion even in Baltic States named Untamed Fashion Assembly. We were also shown few videos from that even. Amazing, people, which were out of touch with outer world, had no Internet, vogues, elles, and other magazines plus at that time Latvia had only 15 international phone lines, were actually somehow aware of ongoing trends. I was so deeply shocked in a good way, that I didn't remember details. Luckily, fashion journalist Julia Rumjanceva wrote an excellent article on Untamed Fashion Assembly and Bruno Birmanis in L`Officiel Latvija April's Issue. Recommend to get a copy of it, if you are considering yourself as a fashion person.
scan fom L`Officiel Latvija April 2010
I heard a lot about Mr. Birmanis when I was a kid, I guess back to 90`s word fashion designer meant actually Bruno Birmanis. It's quite amusing - I was asked to evaluate local male celebs' style for Люблю! magazine, and guess whom I liked. Of course Mr. Birmanis!
Люблю! magazine. I'm commenting Mr. Birmanis style (how dare I?!)
 Bruno Birmanis with Baiba Rubesa\ Zandra Rouds, Andrew Logan and Julija Rumjanceva
scan fom L`Officiel Latvija April 2010
Did I say videos from Untamed Fashion Assembly? You are worried that you'll never see it - no drama. In August 2010 Untamed Fashion Assembly celebrates it`s 20th anniversary. Mr. Birmanis is organizing a huge 3-days-long event, where everyone will have an opportunity to learn more about Latvian fashion in 90`s.
Without exaggerating Untamed Fashion Assembly was a significant international fashion event.
After such inspiring lecture Girl and I, plus our friends went to Andej Osta. We were looking for Enkura Nams (venue) for like 10 minutes, and there were no direction signs. I remember, that someone in her portal was trashing Latvian Style and Fashion Awards for crappy direction signs. Well here were non, till we reached Enkura Nams. And there was a lot of posters, which appeared to be a huge arrow directing to an entrance. Whatever, fashion and art is what, that counts... 

The opening was strange and unusual, but I`v got distracted from that really fast as Girl and I met some friends of us.
[MOMENT] week crew
Anna Rozīte with Ricky Martin (who's not fully Ricky)
Dace Vaivara, editor-in-chief JOY 
Jelena Vlasova e-in-ch and Olga Kolotova fashion editor, L`Officiel
 Aleksandr Parfenov and Victoria Matveeva, OVERSCORE
Agnese Kleina aka Agnesiga
 Aļona Bauska, QooQoo (is the Bird still kidnapped?)
Anii and Ance Krieviņa

After hobnobbing and mingling we proceeded to the exhibition The Wave of 90`s. Very interesting, here are pictures. 
 Anu Samaruutel-Long
Zita Gustiene
Ingrīda Drāzniece
Bruno Birmanis
 Žanete Auziņa
 Ivo Nikkolo
Elita Patmalniece
Natālija Jansone
Later after examining these and that I`v noticed photographer Nils Vilnis's exhibition. Well it was definitely very alternative opening of the alternative art and fashion week. Let's see what this day will bring to us.
MK-Лативя loves us too!

Moment has come. Moment has come. Moment has come... :)

My favorite part from yesterday definetly was the lecture by Bruno Birmanis. I think it was really unique opportunity to see Untamed Fashion Assembly videos from 90s, to see how people from almost nothing created costumes that literally blow people’s mind away. It was all about daring to create and self- express. I liked it a lot.
If we’re talking about opening party then Boy already summed up everything except that I kinda miss the atmospheric music (or maybe I didn’t hear it?). I was the one who actually was excepting at least one fashion show/performance… you know, at least something –  tiny Baboooosh (as Bryanboy would’ve said). Well, what to do – but we’ll see 6 shows (!!!) today including Paviljons.

Ok, let’s get back to the opening event, there were also a bit scary installations by Keta Gutmane & Flera, there were „3-dimensional objects and documental video material – a modern language that signifies the out-of-time matters” (that's how it's been explained here).

I actually liked  3 mannequins which were exposing clothes for men, pretty pret-a-porter-ish...btwgolden leggings with sequins were Boy’s favorites… and I would like to see how those leggings would look on Boy :D


Attention! Yesterday's winners you got free entrance to all Moment days. Go to Enkura nams and say that you're in Stuff'n'Style list.

btw if you see us somewhere - stop by and say Hi! We wanna meet you, dears :)


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