Hello y`all!
You can`t believe where we - Girl and Boy are now! Dace Vaivara invited us to attend young designer contest Habitus Baltija 2010. She, as well as Olga Kolotova are the members of the jury. However about that we gonna post tomorrow. God we just watched 23 artistic pret-a-porter collections... But as I said, more tomorrow.
 Olga Kolotova and Dace Vaivara are just about to make a decision
small teaser...

[MOMENT]`s 3rd day was not fully uncovered for me, as I had this stupid university and got my ass to the venue only for the last show by Marrit Illison from Estonia. Collection was very mature, with a good cut and actually fits all commercial standards. I`m still wondering what`s alternative about that week. Is it alternative meaning other.another fashion week, or its it alternatively opposite to the mainstream? However the collection was really commercial and black :D The only ""hello, WTF" for me was catwalk`s tempo - very Estonian. I mean please, 16 looks in 20 minutes?!

Unfortunately Girl had dentist yesterday, and after certain dental manipulations and injections, poor Girl didn`t feel well, so that`s why she was missing. I have to thank my friend Rudolph S. for assisting me with all that bags, cans, devices and coats.
Of course I`v met some good-old-friends and finally got introduced to people I`v heard about a lot and wanted to meet for a long time. After talking the talk, we walked the walk to NABAKLAB - a  place were after party was held. Well.... y`all know that I`m helpless pop-addict and NABAKLAB wasn`t a place for me.
Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane
Sergei Grinko also loves leggings!
Bruno Birmanis and Julija Rumjanceva
However I`v met QooQoo bird and QooQoo bear, their owner Alyona Bauska. NABAKLAB has also a build-in shop Retrospecto, where now you can buy QooQoo stuff. Prices are more than affordable. So go and check
QooQoo Bear and Boy`s BlackBerry
 QooQoo latest collection at NABAKLAB
 At Retrospecto you can turn yourself into Tavi Gavinson just for 20 EUR
 After that I went to a private party...and ended up....where.....no not at a random place, but in my parents house.
-Boy with Girl`s support. And if you have something against our English I hope it has made you blind, so you can`t read our blog anymore. 


  1. haha. love your humor and that look in last picture :D :D nice. QooQOo bear is in paris now, will take him to see Monet today.

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