Vintage versus Second Hand

One of our followers lives in Riga already for a while, but unfortunately, she doesn't know where to get some cool and inexpensive stuff. She asked  us as experts of the field. Dear A, we are not exactly experts of vintage, however we are happy to help. This is why Stuff'n'Style went for a fashion walk around (we actually made a round ) the city today.
Have you ever thought about what's the difference between vintage and second hand stores?! If you think rationally, you would come to a conclusion, that there's no difference at all - old used and not very used stuff, from past decades or even centuries, not really pleasant smell and very affordable prices. But what's rational about shopping and happy consumption, right, nothing! So that's why we have to think emotionally, or just feel.

In the 90`s recovering from sovjet times, we had heydays of second hands. They were literally everywhere - some ex cinemas, stocks or basements with bad lighting stuffed with never-seen-before garments. It was really shocking for those days, plus the fashion of early 90`s itself was very acid colourful. A decade later, thanks to the evil invention of credit cards, consumer credits, mortgages and other bank crap, along with epidemic salaries risings, people forgot about second hand, and started to shop in different malls, boutiques and "boutiques", and even going to shopping tours/vacations. It was normal, that an average constructor-builder was all wrapped up in Armani. But you know, history is very cyclic and how we are facing CRISIS. But we still need to shop. So that's why second hand shops are experiencing  renaissance, but of course it's all  "different" now. Lots of Vintage shop owners are educated (especially in marketing and fasion/fašon related spheres) people, unlikely to old bags, who were governing a kingdom of old clothes and know how to attract public. Basically nice and clean ambience, some music, fashionable and young shop girls/boys, and more wise selection of a range turns second hand shop into vintage store with pleasant shopping experience, because they now have bars with drinks there and organize some party/gatherings over there.
Ok now about our circle around the city. Girl and I started with shop Pērle owned by ex MTV VJ Žanete Skarule. They have really nice atmosphere there, a bar, and clothes. If you got tired of shopping there you can play some old-school computer games and game boys (!) or read some books and have a chat with your friend. 
Stuff'n'Style selection from Pērle  in Tērbatas street 65. That blue dress is from Therry Mugler 

Our next stop was by a buzzed up store SocksBox, which is totally vintage unrelated. You can there get any type stockings, leggings, socks and hosiery. Paraphrasing Patsy Stones quote: "You cannot have enough of hats, shoes, glows and hosiery". Plus proper leggings may fresh up vintage look.

   Hosiery extravaganza in Brīvības street 71.

Our next stop was at store BABETTE. They sell nice vintage stuff and brand Zofa shoes. BTW next to this store you can also find BABA Store and Jacob Davis Jeans Factory, where you can order a pair of jeans.

Continuing our shopping blitz, we arrived on Dzirnavu and Strelnieku (Dzirnavu street 15 ) corner and pope in at Vintage Shop MoodRoom. We must say, the most nicest atmosphere, bright store, with a nice lady and excellent selection. They even had KatyaKatya Shehurina almost iconic tee just for 15 LVL! Just come by and see it for yourself.

And finally finishing our fashion circle we ended up in Z. A. Meierovica street 12. We already were posting about Retro Specto shop at NABAKLAB club, where you can get also some QooQoo stuff. Here are some new photos. It's a nice place and there is a BAR. Plus I've been told, that starting from this Friday they will have 15% off on all garments for students (student's ID have to be shown)! 

Dearests, please have a look your self. These shops and stores are wroth attending and if you won't get anything you always can have a drink :D Hope this post was fun to read. So, please do not hesitate and ask us to write a post on stuff you are interested in.


  1. OK, thanks! It was a pleasure to read. Good job you have done here.
    But still - 2 things:
    1. So, the only difference between second-hand and vintage is the way it is presented in shops?
    2. Please, do not rape English grammar! :D just a suggestion ;)
    Good luck!

  2. This post really was worth to read!
    Thank You! (:

  3. nice research&post, however... umm, how to put it more politely - it also creates an impression that whoever wrote it, is not very proficient on the subject.
    vintage is carefully selected clothing+accessories ranging approx. from 1920's to 1990's, unique and often with added design value that vividly characterises the era.
    it is usually well aired, clean and if neccessary also repaired items in great condition and ready to wear.
    I bet if the creator of this nice post would take a walk around city's second hand shops, the intro would be a lot different.;)
    last year's H&M obtained from a wholesaler's plastic bag widely seen in second hand shops is not vintage.
    but here in Latvia vintage culture, whic is very popular in Europe/USA for over 2 decades has just been born.
    will it stay here for long - who knows.

  4. Boy, do you remember Vit's Vasilkovskis cellar? I think it will fit very good to your story.
    Expect continue ...

  5. @Dita! Dear, we are not raping bloody English grammar meaningly... We are not perfect, and still believe that substance is more primary.
    @ Ms or Mr Anonymous. I`m certainly not proficient on the subject, coz I`m not wearing any Vintage. However, I'm quite familiar with the term "VINTAGE" - wiki is available to anyone... It was just my point of view and actually there no big difference between second-hand and vintage - in fact Vintage is particular of Second - hand.
    @Sabine - it's our pleasure. We believe, that fashion blogs have to reflect more than blogger's personal style and outfits
    @George. Thank you. Actually it's a good suggestion:D And happy Angels Day!!!!
    but anyway thanks for a feedback. We really need it!

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