Weekend with Stuff and Style

Now we will rape not only English, but German too :D We are really international. In fact we are son international, that even our followers from far way are coming to Rīga to meet us, but about that a bit later.
Boy got a bit sick, but that never stopped him from attending a very exclusively-private-mega-trooper-party, which took place on 27th floor in  Reval Hotel Latvija. The party was really great - music, video/light installations and people. The only thing, which distracted me from enjoying it was my shitty mood. Sorry fellows again for that, but next time please don't promise me anything you can't do. Ha, pity I could not tale a picture of a blond woman, who was dancing with me and doing CRAZY head shakes (she had very long and voluminous hair and it looked like a blond twister on a dance floor). I wonder what`s her name, she could be my party hag (but there were a rumours, that she`s a she-male).
 DJ Bogdan Taran is hypnotized by blond lady aka Twister 
DJ Max Lomov playing a super set. There's something wrong with his tee
ZZL magazine journalist Alisa Orlova loves red colour, so do we!
Bloger Viki aka Stiliste came to hit a party
TV presenter Yelena Gritsuk also paid a visit 
Next Day
I got woken up by a phone call from Diana (future designer and our blog follower). She said, that she's coming to Rīga and wants to interview us for her final diploma project. Diana is making a research on post-sovjet fashion in the Baltic States. It was really nice meeting a follower from the other side of Atlantic. We hope, that we helped Diana and that this lovely girl with a sunshiny smile will defend her diploma well!
Diana M from Brazil told us that usually she wears shorts 
Oh I have to add, that before meeting with Diana,  both Girl and Boy were in a crappy mood. But our follower cheered us up. When we were done with interview, I gave a ring to Alyona Bauska, who told us that she need our help in QooQoo photoshooting. After carrying tonnes of suitcases, which was stuffed with QooQoo clothings, we got to Artūrs Kondrāts studio, where we met models Dāvis Sakne and Beate Stivrina and great make-up artist Aljona Smirnova.
We are on a mission - shoot 40 looks. 
Artūrs Kondrāts puts some music. He's really cute, isn't he?
meet the QooQoo Bear

We had 6 hours fun with snaps, flashes, cameras, champ, leggings, fat cat Sofia, hairspray and sunnies (and Beate has been tortured with small heels, ouch). Here are some backstage pictures.

A model from Lithuania also took part in. 

Truly yours
Boy and Girl


  1. haha, I look really happy :)) I guess it's because the picture was taken when you were making some joke :)
    And yes, you looked really sad :(

  2. Hallöchen!
    Haha, thanks for the irony, I love it! Really appreciate it :)
    Oh, and also the article is nice - thanks for that, too!

  3. Dita,
    we are always for the irony (someone calls it sarcasm)! Thank you for following. And it is a real pity, that I didn't take any picture Blond Twister (she drives a Jaguar)

  4. did you see these pictures?

  5. Oh yes, I did. But still there is no Blond Twister

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