[MOMENT] Final day

I guess every fashion (fašon) bloggers, who are defending fashion-as-art-not-applied-things already have summed/wrapped/byebeyed alternative fashion and art week [MOMENT]. There are some bloggers who weren't on the last day and never mentioned that, but there are also some, who are still commenting on that day and using press releases to describe presented collections... Strange - I though that there is a difference between fashion blog and magazine. What`s the point in retyping information which is available to everyone. And yes, please feel free to comment bellow, but not anonymously - it's pathetic. You might think that I`m rude, pretentious and upstart, whatever, juts say it!
OK back to the post. We had some disagreements with LFF and [MOMENT] people, but regardless, I just wanna thank them for a brilliant organization and timing - well done guys and keep it that way in the future. Just a tiny note - I guess I had an informational overload with all that press releases. Also I`d think about event positioning or explanation of what alternative means. HOWEVER the 4th day, which Girl and I managed to attend (yes, we have to confess that we missed Sergei Grinko's show fisrt 3 minutes) was absolutely pleasure to our eyes - collections were brilliant and mass production worthy. 
Let's do it chronologically. First show was by Sergei Grinko, a Russian accessory designer (he has a manufacture in Italy) and really nice guy, who wears leggings. That was his first pret-a-porter collection. I must say a very professional one. Sorry, but I cannot give more comments on the collection, coz I don`t have  any Master of Arts degree, but if accessories were gems, then clothes served as framing.
     Collection by Sergei Grinko

An intermission followed after Mr Grinko's show. Girl and I decided to visit backstage and take some sneak peeks (and in fact we were the first one, who saw  Filippo Fanini collection (and our twitter followers too)). It was crazy up there - stage assistants, make-up artists, designers and models. We felt celebration spirit. Oh, I wanna experience it, next time I`ll apply as assistant. 
Rush on a backstage

Filippo Fanin`s collection was something not for me - strange processed leather. But still you could feel integrity of the collection. And actually it`s very trendy with all that perforation and colour-wise
Filippo Fanin himself

Fashion extravaganza followed by German designer Von Bardonitz. Yet again, I didn't see any, as one fašon blogger said in her post: no so "alternative", as its is expected from alternative fashion week (I wonder how many alternative fashion week she has seen, in order to say what`s alternative and what`s not).  This collection was really a mixture of Japanese and Belgian fashion traditions with a Geman twist of course, what makes it more wearable.
Von Bardonitz

And finally the last collection was presented by Canadian fashion designer Heidi Ackerman, who has German ancestors. She is such a nice lady, I had a chance to talk to her. She said that this collection has some new and old pieces, that attaching that head accessories was pain-in-the-ass, and that she would love to be sold in Europe, as Canadian market is too conservative. Let`s wish good luck to Heidi. 
 Lovely Heidi Ackerman. BTW she's participating in Toronto Fashion Week less than in two weeks. Let'`s wish her double luck, as her collection is not really completed (she told me that).

Dear followers, we have so many pictures of you, that we want to make a separate post... So stay tuned.


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  2. ajj, nekritīsim tik zemu- tāpat ziņu saņēmāt. Kam aizvainojums lai sprāgst kaut pušu!

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  5. Hey!

    How amazing is this - I noticed you guys in Habitus Baltija and then later in MOMENT and thought that you are definately bloggers and today I was searching for who won the habitus and found your blog! what a coincidence!

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  8. Groundless and anonymous accusation is cheap. And I really appreciate that Anii commented under her own name, at least fair :D

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  10. Izskatās,ka anii grib vēlreiz izgudrot divriteni. JA Tev ir kas sakāms,tad dari to atklāti!!!

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