Its funny how seasons have an impact on people's behaviour - not only in a literal way, when sunny weather makes you think about this season's trends, how they are matching your own wardrobe, or unexpected rain makes you regret about that you still didn't get Hunters, but also in a general. With season changing we also reconsidering our life and sprigs is something very important - new life, new beginnings, for instance, resurrection and Easter.

But before stepping into new season. We usually do spring cleaning. Mine was quite intense and started with a mega party Green Night, which in fact appeared to be Tuborg promotion. The party was great, even I, pop music admirer enjoyed that  soft techno played by Bogdan Taran. Also a venue was very special - ex italian multi brand store Palazzo Italia! Dj Zazzy told that it felt like  at some Pimp's a private home party.  This was defiantly a party of the month. And it was crazy I was all glammed up by champagne and bear. And almost it ended up dancing on a table. But kind bouncer stopped me from embracing my self. You ask about the spring cleaning - well I got cleaned out on the next morning. So now I'm sitting in a garden of some suburban house (I moved) and making this post using my Blackberry, com my laptop apparently didn't survive season changing...


I guess spring really makes changes in our lives and it motivates us finally move forward. And hopefully it’s all for good…
I just finished cleaning my wardrobe – actually I’m doing this at least 4 times a year. I don’t really keep the stuff I don’t need/like/wear anymore. I believe that every piece of clothe carries some kind of information from our past. And if you wanna move forward you gotta leave that information behind, so you gotta give those clothes away (even if it’s expensive dress or designer jeans) to get a new energy, new information. For me it’s like a meditation, like a ritual which btw it works… :) Actually I also cleaned my iPod today, deleted old playlists and created new ones. I believe that music also has an impact on our lives, so changing tunes definitely makes us feel better.

 this is just a random Blackeberry pic from RFW to freshen up this post :)

Btw do you know what’s Chairdrobe and Floordrobe?

Urban Dictionary says that Chairdrobe is the art of piling clothes on a chair to be used in place of a closet or dresser. If a chair is not available one can always defer to a floordrobe.

Honestly I never use floordrobe but chairdrobe sometimes is my thing. I also know that Boy right now is experiencing suitdrobe and my best friend – boxdrobe :)

So, dear followers, does spring make changes in your lives too?


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