Our last Saturday

Hey y`all,
as you might know, Girl and I had a crazy day last Saturday. May Saturday began really early - had to wake up at 8 am in order to be at university for a Culture Politics lecture, where I found out, that Latvian fashion has no support from Ministry of Culture, nor from government in general. Lecture was kinda boring, so I amused my self by  taking pictures of random stuff. 

After the lecture I dashed to Open Air Vintage Festival vol. 3 organized by Agnese Kleina and hosted by Dirty Dead Cafe were I met Girl, who was tweeting and twitpicing all the time via her BlackBerry and informing live y`all about what's going on there. This is second  Open Air Vintage Festival  which we visited so far. I like this event not only because of funny and perhaps useful stuff, which you can bey for small money, but also because of people - you can meet there all kind of fashionly artistic people and some kind of celebs too. For instance, we met buzzed up Inese Krūmiņa, founder of SockBox (socks boutique), Sindija Vilde emotional director of Chocolate Events (event management company), Ksenia Kamikaza, the DJ and Agnese Kleina herself.

Inese Krūmiņa, SockBox founder
Sindija Vilde
Ksenia Kamikaza, selling her stuff

Unfortunately I didn't get anything for my self, but we took some pictures and maybe you'll be interested is some items. After examining offered range of different kind of accessories, tees, skirts, pants etc, we got a bit tired and went for absolutely lovely brunch at META CAFE

a la Birkin Bag
Girl has this artist's contacts
wanted stuff
Ugly Betty's fan club 

It's officially approved by S'n'S - organic food (curd, cheese, pâté, greens, salami and hot appetizer), good price, 4 LVL only, and really unique ambiance for Riga. Actually, there are not many places in Riga, where you can have a brunch. I`v been to a quite a lot of place in Europe and I must say brunch at META CAFE is worth eating. Alyona Bauska, our mate and QooQoo designer joined us there and we went through all the details of our CONTEST.

our table
Girl tweeting via her BB Curve
a barman is staring at us
oh, our order is here!
Alyona Bauska is convinced 

After glamming in the evening I went to Amber Muse Spring Gathering. That was a party of the season. Happy faces, cool atmosphere and most important MUSIC, some tracks, made me feel like 17 again (Metro Area). Let us just hope, that Amber Muse is going to organize a Summer Gathering. By the way, I was twitpicing from there :D    
Ksenia is paying her set
Ladies gettin` started 
Babes smokin`
Erika and prof. Salaks smiling
oh it's gettin` hotter
very hot ^_^
Boy's new sugar mammy 
Max Lomov, just the way he is
Oh, no!!! Here she comes again...



  1. Nice report!
    Did prof. Salaks enjoy his new epaulettes and a brooch? ;)

    Olga Re:

  2. Olga Re, prof. Salaks loves his new stuff - I`m gonna add some links later on. I`m sooo fraking tired now. But promisse - tomorrow

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