Style is...a must

Hey y'all!
We have received plenty of contestants' pictures, which represent their style. Let me remind you, that the contest (here's info) deadline is on 20th March. Just two days left!!! QooQoo and Stuff'n'Style are über excited with what we'v got now, but we believe, that there are more pictures to come.
Naturally, Girl and Boy cannot participate in that contest, however we can share with you our vision on what style is...
A MUST. Everyone cares about own personality and image - there were tonnes  of social researches about what our clothes signalizes, how people perceives others evaluating all that stuff we wear. So if you are really a personality you have to have a style. I`m not even talking about VERY OWN style (which is actually perfect), it's all about showing your inner world with a help of an appearance. Elita Patmalniece, an artist, who has won a special award for style at Latvian Style and Fashion Awards 2009, said, that style is developing with a personality for entire life and eventually it has to reflect who you really are. I guess she's right, only now I understand, that I have certain likes and dislikes, my fiends are able to tell what I'm going to like (and most of the time they are right), some friends brings some clothes for me as present from different trips and it always appeals to me. Someone even can recognize me from a far. I feel that my style is forming now...
Style is something what reflects you, and if you haven`t got any - you are empty. I don't want to believe in dull people. Everyone's unique - so please make an effort and prove it at least through your style. That's why style is a must.         


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  2. MUST love it! lielisks raksts!