RFW 1st Day

Fashion week makes us do crazy things. It’s the middle of the night, I’m half sitting, half lying in my bed, holding a cup of tea in one hand and pack of M&Ms in other, trying not to eat the blue ones (I just don’t like blue M&Ms because they are… well blue)… Whatsoever as you can see (or imagine) I’m mega busy trying to find a free hand to type at least something here without a global catastrophe what means tea - all over my laptop and blue M&Ms in my mouth (however I’m pretty sure that even the blue one will be gone, when this post is finished).
Ok let’s get back to the shows. First was the collection by Anita Altmane (Latvia). Karlīne Caune, Ford Supermodel contest’s winner, opened the show wearing the same piece you can see on RFW invitations. It was all about the sculptured shoulders and hips & mix match of colors & heavy looking shoes (or leg accessories?). I think the collection had that Latvian fashion vibe, that feeling, when you see the collection and can tell for sure that it’s been made by Latvian designer…  A bit predictable but kind of sweet ;) and the last look – brownish/greyish gown was like a cherry on the maizes zupa (everybody likes that, right?) like it ;)

Anita Altmane's AW 10-11
The next one was the collection by Victoria Gres (Ukraine) – earth tones, thick coats and light dresses accompanied with touch of fur and a bit of feathers. I think the collection was all about the contrasts and confident but modest femininity. 
Victoria Gres's collection
Inga Nipane’s (Latvia) show was surprise for me, I can’t tell I loved the whole collection but many looks were really vibrant, sensual and outstanding. Especially good were all the white+silver+black pieces and the ribcage prints. It looks like we have a new promising designer to watch.       

And of course RFW wasn’t be the week of fashion if we didn’t meet the bunch of stylish and incredibly good looking people… So here goes the list: 
KatyaKatya Shehurina looks relaxed, but her show is already today!
Anita Altmane after her show
 Natalija Albickaja is back from London
 Julia Rumjanceva and Girl. bAfter Victoria Gres's show Julija told us, that she wants A/W season to come already
Font row Svetlana Kirilenko and Maija Silova
-GIRLWow, I`v just woke up and guess what, Girl`l post is saved in draft here at 02:00! We are really fast. Ok while girl was glamming up by her hair stylist, which she did really fine, I went to the official press conference, where Jelena Strahova gave an overview on RFW, thanked the sponsors, announced headliners and suggested to visit Victoria Gres (Ukraine).  I like press conferences at RFW - it gives you a feeling that everything for real. Just tine remark - DEAR JOURNALIST PLEASE PUT YOUR PHONES IN SILENCE MODE AND NEVER TALK LOUD. This is unprofessional.
Ok to fashion part. Anita Altmane (Latvia) who is not only stylist, fashion editor of magazine Pastaiga, but also one of the most professional designers on local scale, has presented her A/W 10/11 collection, which I have long awaited. Last one black cherry was presented two seasons ago and I loved it - cut, shape and quality. This time Anita Altmane did it even better. Yes, maybe the cut is not on the cutting edge and this trend is a bit outdated, but still Anita Altmane is on the right way.  The collection is very wearable, but there were not enough winter pieces. Ok letš pictures speak for them self.

When Jelena Strahova was telling that we have to visit Victoria Gres (Ukraine), she was right. This was a full, professional and outstanding collection. Ukraine defiantly has it`s own gems and Victoria Gres is one of them. Very beautiful and feminine collection, with a lot`s of natural materials - wool, silk, fur and even feathers. After the show people were talking about a hair style, which Victoria Gres  used - well, a true designer is influenced by all kind of agendas (political, society and media). and according to the latest developments in the Ukraine it`s hard to be indifferent to (ex?) Prime minister`s plait.
Māra closing  Gre's show. Happy Angel's Day, Māra!

Inga Nipane’s (Latvia) debut to me wasn`t impressive at al, while is was watching it. Now, when i looked at the pictures again, I changed my mind from no-no-no, to maybe. This is good that RFW gives Inga Nipane’s (Latvia) opportunity for young and never-seen-before designers to come out and tell their story. Of course it's a big risk for everyone.I`v looked again at the pictures. Well still boring, not bad and even sculd be salable, but booooring. Inga Nipane if you wanna to take part next season, please do something more spectacular! You`v got a credit, you`d better be good next time.
Inga Nipane herself 



  1. Anitas kolekcijaa apavi riktiigi nomaac visu kolekciju... chista mana uzmaniiba tika pieveersta tik pie tiem!...

  2. Mani gan Anitas kolekcija pat ļoti patīkami pārsteidza.. Reti, kad ir velēšanās iegādāties vairāk kā pāris lietiņas no vienas kolekcijas, tad te nu es saskaitīju krietni vairāk kā pāris, kuras pacentīšos iegut savā īpašumā.. Apavi arī bija ļoti labi pieskaņoti gan krāsu, gan stila ziņā..

  3. Anitas Altmanes kolekcija patīk,tikai piekrītu par tiem apaviem,prasītos kaut ko inovatīvāku.

  4. Anitas Altmanes kolekcija prieksh manis bija iists woooaw - krasas+pleci. varetu pat teikt ta,ka visai iedvesmojoshi rudenim!

  5. Hmmm Altmanes kolekcija bija gan laba - bet isteniba so RFW maz kas prezente istas rudens/ziemas kolekcijas - kur ir jakas, kazokadas, monto un tml?

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