RFW Last 3rd Day Narciss

Narciss show was some kind of an answer, what that brand actually is! Prior we knew about this brand just a little, thanks to Marija Rudakova, we knew more but actually we didn`t have much time to publish any info, coz we were crazy all over the place trying to make our party happen.
Just few words on Narciss collection – very mature. From the toes till the top. This was was Siberian and Latvian mix, and that`s why it ain`t surprise that Narciss is more know in Moscow, which has it`s post USSR weakness for Latvia (During USSR Latvia was really WEST and everything from our country was hyper fashionable and must have).  This collection had everything – starting from cozy coats and jackets, ending with knitted skirts and maxi  dresses.
Both in Latvian and Russia wearing fur is still not considered as unacceptable social behavior. So, as we don`t have any green-eco-organic-peta freaks (hello princess!) we can have a lot of pieces from Narciss without any bad consciousness .
More pictures will follow 

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