Congrats to our winners EXTRA CONTEST

Ok, we`ve got 10 entries and guess what? EVERYONE GETS AN INVITATION FOR TWO PERSON and QooQoo Stuff'n'Style party:
Vika get - Anita Altmane;
Paula Ligere - Sultan
Annija - Žanete Audziņa
Iveta - Sulta
Sabīne - Diana Nevedomskyte
Emils - Narcis
Gustav Brynedal - Fashion Family Party KOSSMOSS
Yvette - Cyrille Gassilin
Jamochnki -Viktoria Gres

CONGRATS to everyone! Please send us an email for further information how you gonna get your invitations
We`v got some only 3 extra invitation. Tell us why you follow our blog and which designer show and why you wanna attend. In any way top be eligible for that, you have to subscribe to out twitter or blog.


  1. yeeeei!!! :) Thanks! :)
    my email is: paula.ligere@expatsnet.net

    And if there is possibility to win more RFW shows also for those who already won invites:
    I would LOVE to visit Katyakatya Shehurina Show on 26th of March, because I love her work and it would be great to see what she has prepared this time.

    Why I follow your blog? Because it is fun and I like the fact that you do live reports from different events. :)

  2. vika@stiliste.lv

    Now I oficially love you :D

    If some of the winners cannot visit their shows, I'll take all invitations! :DD

  3. paldies :)

  4. Hei, thank You!
    If it is possible I would love to see KatyaKatya Shehurina show! In my view, she is one of the best designers here, in Latvia.
    I read Your blog most of all because I like the way You serve the info - effortlesly, with attitude and - in English!

  5. I follow your blog because we have something common.. We have passion on fashion.. & you have great style & really useful information..
    I would love to see Žanete Auziņa Show, because I love her style, so feminine.. can't wait to see this show & of course write about it..

  6. Sabine and Victoria Please contact me!