QooQoo and Stuff'n'Style. Some impressions

Good morning, y`all!
You must be hungry for our own report on our our party. Well according to the title it was all QooQoo, and as posted lately Girl, Boy and Alyona Bauska were totally involved into organizing, that we saw non of the show last Friday. 
 Model: Karlīna Caune. Foto: Мaris Morkans, ЖЗЛ; 
Dear followers, thank you so much for attending our part - that means a lot for us. In fact, this party was meant especially for y`all. When we came to BFF and spoke to Jelena Strahova, we emphasized that this party should be a place for young, stylish, easy going party-willing people. And yes, it was so. I`v met few of our followers, but what a pity - I hand`t my camera with me all the time. So next time I`ll take some pictures of you, guys!. I hope you did enjoy QooQoo Stuff`n`Style party!
 Girl and Markus Riva
Maija Silova, Alyona Bausak and Jelena Strahova after the show

our Scandinavian followers
Now my personal impression - the venue was stuffed with cool people, that what I saw on a way from backstage to stage. This is it, a spotlight was hitting directly into my eyes, so I didn't see anything, but a white light. I loved music which Alyona selected for the show and I absolutely love the collection - I mean, these are totally different things seeing garments on it's own and after as a complete look with make-up and hair on a model.
ARGH I still can`t obtain normal pictures from the show. I`m calling to Alyona now... Follow for updates.
P.S. As you might noticed, we`v changed the design and some settings. Now anyone can comment here! So please do!!!
P.P.S Alyona will send me these pictures very soon!


  1. we did enjoy! Keep up with good and stuffy stylish work!

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