Morning press

Good morning dears!
I feel like a star - this morning i woke up early (since I gave up smoking (yay! from last Friday) I wake up early easy. Thanx to Allen Carr), did my face and hair, put on my leggings and went to job in my sunnies. On the way I poped in to a local press shop, bought a cup of coffee and some magazines. And guess what?! Girl and I are there. This is sooooo flattering, but scary at the same time - it puts some responsibility on you. Believe me, we have a lot of pictures and thought to post, but my laptop is fraked up, but a desktop PC is always engaged by my friends, who`s laptop also gone mad. I promise, today I`m going to take my poor-not-so-little Compaq to service.

Actually yesterday i had few minutes to write something and here's an extract: "Oh just got back from [MOMENT] fashion and art week`s first press conference. Damien Carlier was very sweet (and please don`t worry, I`m not as bitchy as everyone thinks). But about that a bit later."
Ok a bit later is already now. So press conference went ok - Baiba Ripa, Latvian designer also will run a workshop during [MOMENT] week, what's subject is how to apply your talent and make money of it. I guess it's very practical.On my question, why [MOMENT] week has entrance tickets Damien Carlier answered, that they are making fashion and art more available for everyone.
By the way if you wanna become a model, or know someone who`s model-ish looking, please go to http://moment.com.lv/lv/models/   and help [MOMENT].