It’s here, Riga Fashion Week is here, yeeeeah. So yesterday we went to the opening party at Amber Night club. Well, I hope it was just a warming up for upcoming shows, presentations and events because the party itself was a bit messy and I believe that lot of people will say that they didn’t see anything from the performance by Triānas parks and shows by Agnese Narņicka and Artis Štamgūts. Actually, I didn’t see anything either but I don’t really mind cause I think that the opening party is all about the catching up with the people you haven’t seen for ages (ok, since previous RFW).
Waiting for a party to begin
I know, I know you definitely wanna hear something about Salt, Agnese Narņicka and Artis Štamgūts but all I can say that the opening party for sure is not the place and time when show the collection. Normally people just don’t pay that much attention to it. I believe all 3 designers also didn’t have at least 25 looks which are needed for standard RFW show, but as Paviljons are very IN right now and people want to see our young artists that it was decided to show collections at party.
This will sound funny because I really didn’t see the whole looks, BUT I think I liked collection by Artis Štamgūts. Models had impressive, crystallized headpieces, white t shirts and (I think) light jackets. Not sure thou. At least I like what I remember J sorry for my incompetence…
Ok let’s get back to the party, as always we met a lot of interesting people – and here follows Boy’s post cause he got all the pics:D
 Jelena Strahova and Maija Silova giving a speech

Artis Štamgūts and his latest collection (above)
Hell yeah, here's my part and pictures. While I`m writing this post, pictures from RFW are being processed. Girl didn't mention, how crazy our day was. We arrived back to Riga from Stockholm, where we had some biz to do, then from Airport home, then glamming up, then S`n`S meeting, where we`v finally gave away some invitations and now I have to think of how we gonna deliver that invitations to our followers.
Now back to the Opening. It was really long awaited event (since last RFW), there were a lots of rumors, that RFW  won`t take place this year, that someone has dropped out and other groundless crap. I had no doubt that we`ll have our most exciting event of the season. I totally agree, that Openings are more about mingling , hobnobbing and socializing. I was very glad to meet some good-old-friends-of-mine and meet some one in real life, like Blogger Anita from Anii.lv, or fashion PR specialist Maija Mēlbarde (who`s religion doesn`t allow to be photographed). 
Dace Krieviņa waiting for HYPNOSIS catwalk
Anita from Anii.lv is looking forward to opening party
Vitalia Polnjak (she even has a cocktail named after her Gin Vitalia (Gin+Schweppes Ruschian))and Victoria Matveeva.
Indra Salceviča famous brand SALT desingner
and her cool shoes
Triānas Park in SALT
 Two Maijas, Girl and Maija Silova
 Top model Karlīna face of RFW and beloved by us Markus Riva
beloved by us  model Beate
Māra beloved by us model 
Beate and Dāvis (model, he`ll be at QooQoo)
Pity, that we weren`t able to have a closer look on all presented collections, but luckily my camera still managed to take some pictures. And i have a look book from HYPNOSIS (Agnese Narņicka) A/W 10-11 - so no worries we have something to show y`all!
Oh, pictures uploading is done. By the way, somewhere in between of Opening party and glamming up, I met some interesting swede - Christian Loefgren. Just small teaser - he's involved in sunglasses industry, he believes in Latvian Fashion and he`s cool. 
Stay tuned!
Girl and Boy 
P.S Dress code was red, and surprisingly all dress code haters were actually obeying it! And if some one was mismatching, she/he could grab a glass of red champ .


  1. Gonna steel your idea of lego bow tie ;)) My french designer friend is there he has a show on Friday, his name is Jeremy Sultan, if you see him, say hello from me and take him out around RFW parties ;)) Bisou rizhik!!! Masha/ berlin

  2. Oh, lego bow tie is nothing new, first I saw it in 2005 or so. I saw already Jeremy Sultan! Def gonna send hello from you! Ok I gotta run.

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