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Dear followers,
we, Girl and Boy are very excited about next few weeks. Unfortunately we can't give you any details, but it's gonna be super-duper-mega-extra fun for all of us just in two weeks. Yes, you are right it has something to do with Riga Fashion Week! Also we`ll have some changes in Stuff`n`Style visual appearance and some technical enhancements which enable us to delight your fashion info hunger more faster :D
Ok, here is Stuff`n`Style plans for tomorrow:
Our fashion blogger friend Agnese Kleina together with Dirty Deal Cafe and vintage boutique RetroSpecto  are organizing yet 3rd Open Air Vintage Festival where you can find any imaginable piece of wearable garment. 
13th March, start at 13:00 in Maskavas str. 12, building 2. Event's theme: Afternoon tea in the Wonderland.

After getting some vintage stuff, Boy and Girl are going to have some massive fun at Amber Muse spring gathering in K.I.D Bar. My beloved friends, who just happened to be Djs - Bogdan Taran, Ksenia Kamikaza, Max Lomov and ZaZzy gonna play some modern electronic and classical house, meanwhile DJs Dmi3 and Discomethod gonna funk us with disco. 
Info: Place - K.I.D Bar, Grēconieku str. 8, Old town, start -  at 22:00 and free entrance!!!

OMG Boy just can't wait for tomorrow. Hope to see all of you, who will be able to come! Please  , if you will notice Girl and me feel free to talk with us. We are very curious to learn more about our followers.  If you can`t make it - then wait for tomorrow's post.
Ok till tomorrow.
Love you all!!!


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