Fashion in Bar

Good evening, dears!
If you still don't have plans for this evening (me and Boy do have (unfortunately, I guess)) - here's one nice option: project "Fashion in Bar" which will take place at 8pm, Dorian Gray bar (Mazā Muzeja str.1-1).
Program includes presentation of collection by Paviljons and another presentation BY MILA (Ludmila Kruglika)... So if you do have time right now - RUN, baby, RUN!!!!

p.s. press release says that "Fashion in Bar" is planned as monthly event, so hopefully next time we will be there :)


  1. jā, žēl ka mani šīs ausis ar nesasniedza ātrāk, tā būtu gājēja. nu tad nākamreiz :)

  2. jāāāāāā - nākamreiz tiksimies tur! :)