Few hours before Latvian Style and Fashion Awards 2009

Hi y`all!
We are not taking any laptop with us to Latvian Fashion and Style Award 2009, but still we'll be able to cover it thanks to BlackBerry and Twitter with it's TwitPic. I`m very excited and almost ready - just shower and hairdo left.
Out twitter panel is here -> on the right, but we`d really appreciated if you'll follow us here: http://twitter.com/StuffnStyle
my shoes for tonight (what a crappy picture ^_^)

So stay tuned and be the first one to learn all about Latvian Fashion and Style Award 2009. I wonder what's Girl doing now....


  1. Great idea!
    Simple, but it works!
    I am following for LV Fashion Award from Vilnius "life" + 5 min
    Thanks you for your creative approach and ... Black Berry!
    Have fun!

  2. Oh George! Thank you for following!