RFW 2nd Day part one

Hi y'all fashion people. I woke up just 50 minutes ago, and I`m already here to update y`all. Well, honestly I left my camera at my friends place. So I`m going to get it in next few hours. So wait for part two!
But before that you can watch these two videos which explains a lot.

Haha, how embarrassing!!! Whatever, ok catch you latter! And some morning trash.

Schedule for today: 
17.30 – 21.00– RFW Designers’ Showroomat Reval Hotel Latvija, lobby 2nd floor
18.00 – Narciss (Latvia), RFW Hall
19.00 – Kristina Viirpalu (Estonia), RFW Hall
20.00 – Diana Nevedomskyte (Lithuania), RFW Hall
21.00 – RFW GALA SHOW – Honour Guest Cyrille Gassilin (Russia), RFW Hall
22.00 – RFW Models and Fans Party, + Special Guest, club Amber Night, Elizabetes St. 55


  1. You guys are great! Love your tweets! Boy, your lunch for today looks perfect!
    Is there some possibility for fan to get on a Fans Party tonight?

  2. Victoria - even we don`t have invitations. But I`ll try to manage!

  3. Hey, Victoria send me a sms on my mob, I`v lost your number!